Cancellation Emails Add-On

The Cancellation Emails Add-on allows you to send a cancellation email to any students, parents and/or teacher for a lesson who have an email address saved on their profile.  The add-on allows you to adjust the setting to disable the cancellation emails for any groups of recipients (students, parents, or teachers).  

To enable the cancellation emails add-on, follow these steps:
1. In your administrator account, go to the Accoiunt & Settings tab and click Integrations & Add-ons
2. Find the Cancellation Emails add-on and click "Enable".

If you want to disable cancellation emails for any group of recipients, follow these steps:
1. On the Integrations & Add-ons page under the Cancellation Emails heading, click the "Settings" link.
2. Check the box next to the recipient group that you want to disable the cancellation emails.
3. Submit the form.

Customizing Emails
If you want to customize the subject and message for the cancellation emails, follow these steps:
1. From your administrator account, go to the Account & Settings tab and click Notification Templates.
2. Find the cancellation email templates and click the edit link next to the template that you want to edit.
3. Make the changes and submit the form.

Sending Cancellation Emails
When this add-on has been enabled, the "Complete Lesson" form will display a check box to send a cancellation email if you've set the status to "Cancelled" for at least one student in the lesson.

In addition to the status being set to cancelled for at least one student, the lesson date must be on or after the current date.  You can't send cancellation emails for lessons that have already passed.

When you check the box, a cancellation email will be sent to the affected students and/or parents for whom the lesson was cancelled.  If the lesson has been cancelled for all students enrolled in the lesson, the teacher will receive a cancellation email.

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