Remote Login Add-on

The Remote Login Add-on allows you to create and add a login form to your website so that your teachers and clients can log in directly from your site. You can add your company logo and customize the link and button colors to match your branding. The remote login form looks like this: 


1. In your administrator account, go to the  Account & Settings tab and click Integrations & Add-ons.
2. Find the Remote Login Add-on
3. Click the "Enable" link.


1. On the Integrations & Add-ons page, under the Remote Login section click the "Settings" link.
2. Select the colors for your form's button and links.
3. Select how you want to display the form labels.
4. Enter the URL of the webpage where you will place the form.  This will redirect users back to the form if they enter an invalid username or password. 
5. Save your changes.


1. From the Remote Login settings page, copy the code block for your remote login form.
2. In your website's HTML code, paste the login form code.
3. View the page in a browser to make sure the form appears where you want it to.

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