Open Classes Add-on

The Open Classes Add-on allows you to make lessons open for students to enroll themselves.  Enable and use this add-on by following the instructions below:

1. In your administrator account, go to the Account & Settings tab and click the "Integrations & Add-ons" option.
2. Find the "Open Classes Add-on".
3. Click the "Enable" link.

1. After enabling the add-on, click the "Manage" link.
2. Check the box to enable company notifications when student's enroll.
3. Submit the form.

Opening a Lesson for Students to Join
When adding or editing a lesson, check the box under the "Open Lesson" field on the form and select the number of available spaces for the lesson. 

If the software is not letting you add an open lesson without selecting a student. Go to your account settings and scroll down to "Calendar & Event Settings" and under "require a student" select "off". This will allow you to create open lesson without requiring a student.

Viewing Open Lessons
Both open and closed lessons are displayed by default in admin, staff and teacher accounts.  To view only lessons that are open for students to join, use the filter in the sidebar.  You can also view lessons that are closed to enrollment using the filter.

In student and family accounts, open lessons are hidden by default.  To view open lessons the client can select "Show" in the Open Lessons menu in the sidebar of the calendar.  The calendar will show all open lessons that are on or after the current date.

Joining Lessons
Open lessons are displayed on student and family calendars.  To join a lesson, clients can follow these steps:

1. Click on the lesson.
2. Click the "Join" link in the pop-up.
3. Select the students to join the lesson.
4. Submit the form.

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