Package Balance Alerts Add-on

This add-on allows you to send email alerts to your company and/or a client when the unused lessons or hours in a package drops below a specified level.

To enable the Package Balance Alerts add-on, follow these steps:

1. In your administrator account, go to the Account & Settings tab and click "Integrations & Add-ons"
2. Find the Package Balance Alerts Add-on.
3. Click the "Enable" link.
4. Click "Manage" to set the balance alert level and to enable company and/or client notifications.

By clicking the "Manage" link mentioned above, you can set the balance alert level, company notification and client notification.

You can customize the email sent to your clients following the instructions from this article: Customizing Notification Templates and editing the "Package Balance Alert" template.


Whenever a lesson is completed, the software will check if the client has any packages matching the service of the completed lesson.  If the client has a package for this service, the software will calculate the unused lessons remaining in the package, and if it is below the alert level specified in your add-on settings it will send an alert.

An alert will be sent only once when the balance drops below the alert level.  Only after adding a new package will a new alert be sent the next time the client's balance drops below the alert level.

Note #1: If you intend to enable alerts for clients, you may want to enable them first for your company only in order to see how the feature works.

Note #2: If you've selected the option to track packages by student on your Account Settings page, notifications will only be sent for packages that have been assigned to a student in a family when that package balance declines below the threshold. Notifications will not be sent for packages that have not been assigned to a student in the family.

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