Follow Up Add-on

The Follow Up Add-on is a simple add-on that allows you to add a follow up date and note to student or family records.  The column is displayed in the student and family tables and allows you to sort using this field to easily find clients that you need to follow up with.

To enable this add-on, follow these steps:
1. From your administrator account, click the Integrations & Add-ons option below the Account & Settings tab.
2. Find the "Follow Up" add-on and click the "Enable" link.
3. Click the "Settings" link to enable or disable the add-on for either students or families.

Once enabled a "Follow Up" column will appear in the Students and/or Families tables.  To add a follow up follow these steps:
1. Hover your cursor over this column in a client's row and click the "Add" link.
2. Complete the date field (required) and the note field (optional) and submit the form.
3. The follow up will be added to the client's row.  Click the date to view a pop-up with the follow up note and options to edit or remove the follow up.

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