Custom Lesson Statuses Add-on

This add-on allows you to create custom statuses that you can select when completing lessons.  The statuses that you create will be associated with the regular status types (Attended, Cancelled, Missed) and will have the same effect on lesson costs and wages as these status types.

1. Log into your administrator account and go to the Integrations & Add-ons page under the Account & Settings tab. 
2. Find the "Custom Lesson Statuses" add-on and click the "Enable" link.
3. Click the "Settings" link.
4. Set the custom fields in the "Custom Status" column and assign each custom status to its respective status type. Note that the statuses will appear in the menu in the order that they appear on this page, and that the "Scheduled" status will be included at the beginning by default.
5. To add additional statuses click the "Add New Custom Status" link.  To delete a status click the "X" in the row of the status.
6. Submit the form to save your changes.

Once enabled, the "Complete Lesson" form will display the customs statuses in the status menu.  The Lesson History and Lesson History by Student tables will also display the custom statuses when you check the boxes for setting the status for multiple lessons.

Lessons that have been saved with custom statuses will display the custom status when you view the lesson details.  If a custom status has not been saved the regular status will be displayed.

Group Lessons
Statuses are set for each student in a lesson.  When a lesson has more than one students, the custom status is saved individually for each student.  If all students have the same status then the group lesson status will display the same value.  However, if students in the lesson have different statuses, the status for the group lesson will use the status type rather than the custom statuses.

Adding Custom Lesson Status to Invoice 
If you want the custom status for the lesson to appear on the invoice description. Go to Account & Settings, scroll down to invoice settings, under Invoice Lesson Description add the lesson description merge tag for "Custom Status" ({CUSTOM-STATUS}) 

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