Completing Lessons More Efficiently

In teachworks the process of “completing” a lesson includes making any necessary changes to the start and end time, setting the attendance status for the students, and entering lesson notes.

Completing Multiple Lessons in Succession

When completing a single lesson you can submit the form and you’ll be directed back to the lessons table or to the calendar.  However, if you need to complete several lessons this can be accomplished more efficiently by clicking the “Submit & Next” button. The current lesson will be saved and you’ll be brought to the next uncompleted lesson.  This allows you to efficiently move through all uncompleted lessons.


Setting Status for Multiple Lessons at Once

If you do not need to enter notes for a lesson and only need to set the status, you can complete multiple lessons at once by going to the Lesson History table under the Calendar tab and clicking the check mark in the lesson's row.  

At the top of the table select the status and click the button to save it.  The selected status will be applied to all selected lessons.

Need more help? Watch a video here.

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