QuickBooks Multiple Locations

If you are using a Teachworks Master Account to manage multiple branches there are two methods for connecting each of your Teachworks branch accounts to QuickBooks Online that depend on how you track accounting for your branches.

Situation 1 - Branches are Separate Business Units

Each business is operated as a separate business unit and it's accounting in QuickBooks is handled separately from other branches.

In this situation, you would have a separate company account in QuickBooks and you would connect your Teachworks branch accounts to their corresponding QuickBooks account.

Situation 2 - Branches Belong to a Single Business

If you combine the accounting from your branches in a single QuickBooks account, you can enable QuickBooks Locations feature in the Company Settings of your QuickBooks account.  This allows you to create a separate location for each of your branches and you can assign Invoices and Expenses to specific locations.

Using this method you can connect your Teachworks accounts to a single QuickBooks company account and in your Teachworks Sync Settings you can specify which location to assign to invoices. 

More information: Syncing Multiple Teachworks Accounts to a Single Quickbooks Account 

Important Limitations

  • QuickBooks Locations can only be specified on invoices and expenses, but not on customers, services or payments. 
  • If customers with the same name exist in more than one of your Teachworks accounts and are synced to a single QuickBooks company account the customer record in QuickBooks will be updated with whichever record was last updated.  

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