Paying Invoices by Credit Card on behalf of Clients

In order to be able to charge your customer's credit card you need to: 

- Have the Stripe integration enabled.
- Enable the option to "Charge credit cards on behalf of clients" on your Stripe integration by clicking on "Manage". 
- Customer must have a credit card saved on their account.

If all steps above are completed, then you can pay invoices by charging the invoice totals to your clients' credit cards using the method below:

1. Go to your Invoices table and make sure that the filter is set to display invoices that are "Awaiting Payment".

2. Scroll to the payment form at the bottom of the invoice.  If the client has one or more credit cards on file, the cards will be displayed in a select menu with the default card selected.  

*** You can now charge the full invoice amount or a portion of the amount. The payment form now includes an editable field to allow for partial invoice payments***

3. Click the "Charge" button to charge the selected credit card. If you will be processing payments for multiple invoices, click the option icon on the right of the button and click the "Charge & View Next Unpaid" and you will be brought to the next unpaid invoice after the charge has been completed.

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