Setting Hourly Cost for Lessons Longer or Shorter than One Hour

In the Service List and on Student profiles, �the cost is entered as an hourly rate. If your lessons are longer or shorter than one hour and you would like those lessons to have a specific cost, then you will need to enter the equivalent hourly cost.  

When the lesson is scheduled, the hourly rate will be multiplied by the duration of the lesson, which will result in the desired cost.

Divide the desired cost for the lesson by the duration of the lesson to get the hourly rate.

Example 1
Desired cost of $60 for a 1.5 hour lesson
$60 divided by 1.5 equals $40.00 per hour

Example 2
Desired cost of $45 for a 50 minute lesson
$45 divided by 50/60 equals $54.00 per hour

Repeating Decimals
NOTE: If your hourly rate has a repeating decimal, it's important to make sure you include 4 decimal places so the system rounds the number to the full value. 

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