Viewing Lesson Notes

There are several places that you can view lesson notes depending on your specific needs for the notes.  Below is a summary of these methods:

1. Lesson Summaries Report - Go to the Lesson Summaries report under the reports tab.  Select the "Lessons by Student" data type, and then select the other options including the date range, lesson statuses, etc. In the Columns field include the lesson notes fields that you want to view in the report.  After your selections have been made, submit the form to view the results.  Tip: If you need to run this report regularly you can save the settings for quickly generating the report in the future.

2. Lesson History by Student - Go to the Lesson History by Student under the Calendar tab.  Select the date range and other filter settings that you would like to use.  If you want to view lessons for a single student or teacher you can type their name in the search field.  Click on a lesson title to view the lesson details including any notes for the lesson, or click the "Download Lessons" link and view the lesson notes in Excel.  
From this table you can also click the "Complete" icon and view the lesson notes on the Complete Lesson form. This method is useful if you need to add or edit the notes.

3. Calendar - Click a lesson on the calendar and click the "Complete" link to view the Complete Lesson form with the lesson notes.

4. Student Profile - If you want to view notes from the 10 most recent lessons, you can go to the Recent Lessons section on a student's profile.  Click a lesson's title to view the lesson details including any notes.

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